Late in the evenings, after the Sergio Herman team had finished a successful evening at the restaurant, Sergio often drove to Belgium for some delicious fries. Simply because, in his opinion, they were not available in the Netherlands. This had to change. Together with a few fries’ enthusiasts, the concept of ‘Frites Atelier’ was created.

We believe that there is nothing like some delicious French fries with an accompanying sauce. But these prove to be more difficult to find than was initially thought. After more than 18 months of testing different varieties of potatoes, researching soil types and other issues related to the process of making good fries; the time finally arrived. The Hague premiered in 2016: opening of the first Frites Atelier in the Venestraat.

Later more establishments opened in Arnhem, Antwerp, Ghent and Brussels.



Don’t call me Sergio Herman.

Just call me Sergio.

“And that’s a conscious choice. I have never wanted to raise myself above my team, I have always wanted to be part of it and help them with their mise-en-place. Well, I always took the lead, ensured a great atmosphere, that the team was there for each other, and for me… I have set them a good example by always being first to arrive and the last person to leave. That is why my team would do anything for me, because we always go for it together. I’m always right in the middle of things and that’s how things will be until the very end”.

Sergio about Frites Atelier

“Why did I become the founder of this atypical fast-casual food concept? I was challenged by wanting to offer the general public the best possible French fries on one hand, and on the other hand, I was attracted to the ambitions of co-founders who wanted to conquer the world. To them it was of crucial importance for the concept to be based on quality and just that! All four of its ateliers have become the embodiment of the vision driving the Frites Atelier brand. Their interiors, designed by my friend and highly-respected architect Piet Boon, are simply perfect and go far beyond any fast-casual dining experience that I have tested previously. This perfection is not only reflected in the interiors. I received an amazing amount of help from all producers to be able to come up with unique, exclusive French fries specials and snacks. All of the products we use for our Frites Atelier snacks are seasonal. Chef’s need to adhere to this principle, regardless of prices and production quantities. In recent years, we have ensured a well-developed foundation for the company, and now the time has come to develop an international future.

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At Frites Atelier, we think that it is important that ‘Frites’ get the attention they deserve. Moreover, we love beautiful things and quality. That’s why we work closely with a number of artists and designers: Frederik Molenschot provides the best and most beautiful cooking appliances, Ton van der Woude designs our atelier storefronts and our music is mixed by Maxim Lany. Besides providing a great address for French fries, we are more than happy to provide a platform for talent as well; we are an Atelier for good reason.


Piet Boon is just as enthusiastic about great French fries and thus thinks that they should be served in a great setting. Studio Piet Boon gives our Ateliers a classic, traditional French-Amsterdam Brasserie look, thus restoring the prestigious status of French fries.


Cor Unum is a ceramics atelier in s’ Hertogenbosch where much passion and craftsmanship is applied to producing beautiful ceramics by nationally and internationally renowned designers. Cor Unum which literally means “one at heart” is supported by many: by ambassadors and students, by designers and volunteers, by people remote to the labour market and by professionals. They all share one common ideal: everyone deserves a place, everyone has a talent, and everyone can contribute to making the world a better place. That is the Cor Unum story!


At Frites Atelier we attribute great value to provenance, quality and durability of our products. The same principles apply to Natural Table Ware. They make beautiful products combined with an even more beautiful green character. Our carry bags and containers are made of sustainable FSC Kraft paper and are therefore 100% compostable. We go for beautiful, clean and practical, and will continue to do so into the future.


Beautiful products warrant beautiful photographs. At Frites Atelier we use photographs to highlight our ateliers, atmosphere and dishes thanks to wonderful photographers such as Kris Vlegels (food), Pie Aerts (interiors), Peter Paul de Meijer (atmosphere) en Roel Ruijs (social media).


At Frites Atelier we focus on taste, skills and craftsmanship. Frites Atelier evolved from a love for French fries or chips. We do not appear to be the only people to share a love and passion for fries. There are many others just like us. They have put their experiences at Frites Atelier on paper. Obviously, we don’t want you to miss out on these!



Have you always wanted to work in the hospitality industry, where meticulous attention to product, service and quality are crucial factors? If so, you are at the right address at Frites Atelier. We are a small company where it is almost impossible not to continue to grow. When we see talent, we take it on board and look after it. We do this before you even start at Frites Atelier. You will receive all-round training at our Frites Atelier Academy and via our online training platform! We will teach you everything about our products, hospitality skills as well as the intricacies of the industry. At the end of your training course you will be a Frites artist, Frites Specialist or even an Atelier Manager!

CONTACTING Frites Atelier

Reservations at the Frites Atelier are not possible!

ou can leave your question below and we will contact you as soon as possible. You can also contact us during business hours on +31(0)85-8769838 from 09.30 – 18.00.